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Remote Desktop over SSH in Windows 7


For reasons unknown, Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection prevents connections to localhost, as a result you cannot tunnel to the RDP machine directly. (ie. 3389:remotesystem:3389) Trying to use hostnames and point to doesn't work either - the system recognizes that it is connected to localhost and gives an error.  (This was removed on XP with Service Pack 2, but then brought back)

A workaround for this issue is quite simple: use port 3391 as the source port (3390 doesn't work either for some reason).

I use openssh or cygwin's ssh to connect, using this:

ssh -l username -L 3391:remotesystem:3389

But if you are using putty, here are some helper images:


and then Remote Desktop window:


and you are done.


Comments (1)
Re: Remote Desktop over SSH in Windows 7
1 Tuesday, 03 January 2012 06:05
Alan S
You can also listen on instead of localhost and keep port 3389:

ssh -l username -L

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